The best thing that happened this first week of the year : Implementation of No-Plastic-Bag ruling in Selangor. A lot of retailers have enforced it. We all should applaud this policy.

If you do not want to pay for the extra RM 0.20 ( which, i hope can be increased to mandatory RM 1.00 as deterrent), please bring either your old used plastic bag, or a kain/reusable bag (you can get it at very low price in IKEA etc) when you’re out to shop. Also, you can consider bringing your own food container to dapao.
The environment is not for you to harm further for convenient sake. you are supposed to feel the little “inconvenience” because that is the price you are suppose to pay to help reduce harm towards our environment – you are still harming it! don’t stick gold to our face just yet, just that we are reducing the harm. We are not even rehabilitating or improving it yet.


Here are some ideas on how you can make your own “Reuseable bags” and save cost on plastic bags.


Tips on making your own bags :

1.) Using your own unused shirts :

2.) Using old pillow case :

3.) Sew it from Fabric (Beginner level)