Piano Musics Rendition Services Project –
We are currently workingon a project to provide Piano Musics Rendition Services for interested parties. The concept is very simple : You give us a song title, we take some time to work on the Piano Rendition of the song, and then we send you the end product (which is the piano rendition of the song requested) upon completion.
Here are some FAQ on how this project works :
1.) What is Piano Musics Rendition?
– as mentioned above, we provide the “piano” version of the song you like, and return, charge you a service fee for that.
2.) What Kind of songs can we request?
– basically most of the songs out there with proper melody. That includes more than 90% of the songs in market.
3.) What kind of songs that you guys CANNOT do?
– Noises, non-melodious percussion, over-complicated philharmonic orchestral pieces, hard rock/ electro / techno musics without clear melody/harmony, non-harmony/melody chants (but most hymns or melodious chants are doable), or speaking tonnes are OUT of our range. They won’t sound nice in piano either.
4.) Can I request for Piano rendition with some rhythmic accompaniment, like beats?
– Yes, you can, but that would require longer time and extra fee.
5.) What should I send you when I request for a song to be made into piano rendition?
– Please send us a youtube link/ URL link /music MP3 attachment of the song you would like us to play, and that would be enough. make sure the music is clear and audible. It doesnt have to be in extra high audio quality. basic audibility is good enough.
6.) How much do you guys charge?
– Basic Piano Rendition (Just PIANO)
2:30 minutes (cap) rendition will cost RM 50 (consider the notation/practice/recording/touching up/delivery).
Every subsequent 30 seconds shall incur additional cost of RM 15
– Piano Rendition + rhythmic/Beats accompaniment (PIANO + Rhythmn)
– 2:30 minutes (cap) rendition will cost RM 70
Every subsequent 30 seconds shall incur additional cost of RM 20
7.) What if the song I request is below 2:30 minutes?
the minimum charges is RM 50 for 2:30 minutes regardless on whether if your music is below 2:30 minutes or not. The effort to produce a proper Piano Rendition does not differ much when it’s below 2:30 minutes.
8.) Do i get discount for more order?
– Yes, for every 10 songs you order within 1 email, you get a free song.
9.) How do you deliver the songs to me?
– There are few ways in which we can deliver your music to you
a.) Free Delivery – we can email the end product to you. for free.
b.) RM 10 – Audio CD file – we can burn your songs into Audio CD, and have it delivered to you VIA Pos Laju.
c.) RM 20 – USB Drive – we can also load your music into a USB drive, and have it delivered to you VIA Pos Laju. We will be using basic USB 2.0 drive.
10.) Can I pass you my USB/CD for you guys to load the music into?
– Unfortunately, this arrangement is not logistically viable for us. So the answer is, “no, for now”.
11.) How long do I have to wait before my music is produced?
– The standard waiting time for a song, is minimum 72 hours after our confirmation of your order. However, if we manage to complete your song earlier, we will have it delivered to you upon completion.
– If you order in bulk, please allow more time for us to work on your songs. We shall deliver them in phases.
12.) How do I place order of songs, and how do i pay?
– Please email your song request to PianoRenditionService@gmail.com
– You are required to pay for the service within 24 hours upon receiving the end product. (this rule is subjected to changes)
– You can choose to pay via Direct Transfer (online), or Direct Deposit. Bank account detail will be shared with you in the form of email.
13.) Here are some DEMO musics for your reference (All produced by us)
Piano Rendition : A dream is a wish your heart makes : – (Theme from Cinderella)
 Thank you !
Zee Kin