I have a hardworking friend. He dedicates about 70%-80% of his waking hours working, attending meetings, drafting slides and notes, coordinating projects, and is known among his colleague as a clear headed iron man.

He however, likes to spend his remaining non-working time in pubs or fancy eateries, or when he has a weekend free of duties he would travel to nearby tourist attraction to enjoy his day of sight seeing. When he travels abroad for work, he habitually, where possible takes 1 extra day off towards the end of his hectic and tightly scheduled work trip, to sight see.

In his facebook, he posted near to nothing on his work. He refuses to post his work experiences or mention anything about them in social media. Same however couldnt be said for his non-work-related endeavours. He shared almost every non-work leisure activities and indulgence in both facebook and instagram. Beautiful photos, selfies, wefies frequently flood his timelines.

I quite enjoy reading his postings and often liked them.

Last week; i hung out briefly with a group of our common friends, who knew very little about his work. He didnt join the session.

Most who came, expressed similiar remarks in the following tune :

“Dia nie tak payah kerja kut. Makan minum melancong je tengok”.

“I want to have a life like him. Goyang kaki makan minum travel all the time. Wonder whats the trick”.

I kept quiet and reminded myself again, that the result of judging another purely from their social media postings, is one of utter abhorrence, and shame.